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In our everyday life, we see or pay attention from others approximately many desirable issues. occasionally, they seem absolutely unimaginable. This publication provides 501 such impressive Facts.,,,,,

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Botfly Botfly can fly atthe speed of 818 miles per hour, which is faster than a Jet air plane. Strange Frog Gastric frog of Australia gives birth to its young ones through its mouth. Snails Snails have 14175 teeth laid along 135 rows on their tongue. (Fig. 12). Lady Bird The lady bird is not a bird, it is a beetle. Dolphins Dolphins sleep with one of its eyes open (Fig. 13). Gold Fish If gold fish is left in a dark room for a long time, it turns white. Earthworm An earthworm can pull ten times its own weight.

Wonder Brain Messages from the brain to the different body parts are sent at a rate of 240 miles per hour. 5 ounces. Longest Bone The longest human bone is femur or thigh bone which is 48 cm long. It is so strong that it can support 30 times the weight of a man (Fig. 2). Number of Bones Most human adults have 206 bones, but a new born baby has 330. As the child grows, some of the bones join together to give fewer bones in total. Tooth Enamel The hardest substance in the body is enamel - the covering of the tooth.

4). , about 3 miles. Oceans We see land everywhere on the Earth, but it is a planet whose 71 per cent land mass is covered with water (Fig. 5). Tides The greatest tides occur in the bay of Fundy. Iceberg In 1956, an iceberg from Antarctica came on record-335 km long and 97 km wide much larger than the size of Delhi (Fig. 6). Underground Lake Most of the lakes are on the land, but there is one under the ground. Its name is Lost Sea. It is in the USA and was discovered in 1905. Sand Dunes Sand Dunes in Sahara Desert can attain heights of 1,400 ft.

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