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By Henry E. Dudeney, Martin Gardner

Генри Эрнест Дьюдени (10 апреля 1857 - 23 апреля 1930) был английский писатель и математик, который специализировался на логических головоломках и математических играх.
Трудно в наше время найти хоть одну книгу по занимательной математике, в которой (часто без указания авторства) не нашлось бы нескольких блестящих математических задач, рожденных его неисчерпаемой фантазией.

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10. No one in room 2 1 4 read fewer than 2 1 books. 1 1 . The winning room included the person who read the fewest books. 1 2. The total number of books read in room 2 1 4 was 9 1 . 13. Joan read fewer books than Julia, who read more books than Jerry. 40 Books Read Rooms Nancy Bill Jerry Sam Tinzen Julia Harry Eric Jennifer Teresa �+-�-+-�--�4-�-+��+-�-��--�+-� Danny Joan Dennis See answers on page 87. 41 Golf Four friends played golf. The scorekeeper wasn't alert and missed recording a few scores.

Their dates totaled 3/s. 6. One Fifth's date is not Two Thirds. Two Thirds One Sixth Three Fifths One Fourth Three Eighths One Tenth One Third Five Sixths One Eighth One Fifth Seven Eighths Two Fifths See answers on page 87. 39 Fund-Raiser Three eighth-grade classes at a large school competed in a fund­ raising event by reading books. The person who read the most books won a CD player. The class that read the most books won a field trip to an amusement park. No two students read the same number of books.

Slimeball wore green. 4. 6 belongs to Bill. 5. Slig wore red. 6. The winner wore blue. 7. Woozey was not last. 8. Walter's slug did not wear green or blue. 9. Slimeball went half as far as Woozey. 10. Jack's slug was the winner. 1 1 . 2 less than Slippo. 1 2. 8. 13. 5, wore red. 1 4. Harry owns Gooey. See answers on page 93. 3 purple green white blue red yellow 61 Square Count In a checkerboard there are over 200 squares. There are 32 squares that look like this: D And 32 that look like this: There are some that look like this: And some like this: Using the checkerboard shown below, see if you can find all the squares in each of the following rows and columns.

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