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By Paul M. Brown Jr.

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Program particular built-in circuits (ASICs), either analog and electronic, became common approach point bulding blocks. ASIC proprietors have tried to supply instruments that they desire will let quite green IC designers (i.e. structures engineers) to layout refined customized built-in circuits. This philosophy has been extra profitable in electronic expertise than in analog. considerably extra paintings is concerned with analog layout and much fewer automatic instruments can be found. nearly each analog ASIC seller bargains diverse semiconductor applied sciences, instrument units, documentation (usually missing intimately and never delivering the correct history and guidelines), and ranging degrees of engineering aid. the result's that many engineers who may use analog ASICs lack the technical info to take action. they aren't certain while customized analog ICs are good value or which seller will most sensible serve their wishes. moreover, many engineers wouldn't have sufficient analog layout event, specifically with built-in circuits. Consqeuently, many that may benefit from analog ASIC know-how don't use it whereas others have undesirable studies that can have simply been refrained from.

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As the reverse bias is increased, the pinching effect also increases. This phenomenon is referred to as basewidth modulation and gives rise to increasing beta with an increasing collector-base reverse bias due to the narrowing of the base region. Typical transistor characteristic curves, as seen on a curve tracer (Figure 3-14) show this as a slope of the curves. The extrapolated x-axis intersection of these curves is referred to as the Early voltage. The tran­ sistor's dynamic output impedance R is expressed as the slope of the V versus I curve.

5 Junction Field-Effect Transistors 61 few. While the JFET will not supplant the bipolar transistor on semicustom arrays, it is a useful addition to the analog designer's toolbox. First the model of a JFET will be reviewed, then the actual physi­ cal structure of the device will be discussed. The model elements will then be related to the structure of the device. This will help to cement the concepts of the model with the physical structure of the device and lay the groundwork for SPICE modeling in Chapter 4 and circuit design concepts in Chapter 5.

The major peculiarity of vertical pnps is that their collectors are committed to the substrate, which must be connected to the negative power supply. Vertical pnps are typically used in the lower half of p u s h - p u l l output stages or as emitter followers for level shifting appli­ cations. A major concern about using vertical pnps is to make very sure that substrate contacts are made in close proximity. This is especially true for devices that are used in output stages. The higher currents as­ sociated with vertical pnps can cause unexpected trouble if allowed to flow long distances through the substrate.

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