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By William C. Clarke

ISBN-10: 1740760220

ISBN-13: 9781740760225

ISBN-10: 1740760697

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Days, difficult things. 22 A Momentary Stay On Listening to the Stock Market Report Every day I hear how the Dow is down, the Dow is up. It’s falling, rising, suffering a sustained correction following the forecast. This is not the Tao that cannot be named or known. The Dow the world watches tacks along a jagged course swerving between sentiment, voracity, and fear. Looking out my window I see a brown hawk floating lightly in the ocean of air. A Momentary Stay 23 The Future The future looks likely to face hard times considering how we now expend the earth and live our lives, allowing the dragon’s greed to hoard such of nature’s wealth as might have otherwise endowed grace to boulevards, enriched orchards of invigorating leaves, originated gardens, affirmed the lucidity of water.

I can’t work out what it’s all about, a thump, a bump, a bump, a thump, screech from beat to beat across the heap of transported adoration, tear-stained youthful cheeks. Singers bawl into phallic tubes shafting sound across the crowd, gyrate and moan, a copulatory connection, I guess de gustibus non disputandum est a thump, a bump, a bump, a thump. A Momentary Stay 33 In the World Like leaves indifferently falling the documents proliferate, the reports amass, adhering into sedimented piles, a repetitive clutter stocking the warehouse of bureaucratic merchandise.

A tall order since the last thing we want to be rid of is them. Not them: they play such vivacious roles on the feature screens of our senses offering opulent entertainment for a trifling entrance fee. , noise, quarrelling, clamour

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