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Other design differences in TD traps is location and sizes of outlet orifices. Some types use two different sized orifices located on opposite sides of the trap and in line with the piping. This causes the disk to operate in a tilting fashion rather than straight up and down as with the three symmetrically spaced and same sized orifices. The tilting action causes the disk to spin during the closing sequence and cause wear on the outside edge of the seating surface and disk itself. Wear on this type of trap should be kept as even as possible to prolong the life expectancy.

For example, a process pipe during the winter months may require multiple tracer lines to insure that the fluids remain at the proper temperature. However, during the summer months, the numbers of tracer lines may be reduced because of less heat loss through the insulation. Some plants list the steam manifold header number where the on/off valves may be found to help with reducing the amount of steam being consumed unnecessarily. Steam Tracing Figure 40 Jacketed Pipe Single Section of Jacketed Pipe Jacketed pipe (Fig.

Manifolds should be fitted with a tag that identifies what lines are traced and how many lines are going to that particular process line. Other considera48 Steam Connection 1/2" 3/4" 3/4" 3/4" 1" 1" tions for manifolding steam lines is the ability to control automatic valves on and off. If the tracing on a particular manifold is used for freeze protection, ambient sensors on control valves will automatically turn the steam on when needed. This ensures that the steam is turned on and off properly.

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