Hun Guo, Zuo Dunwen, Tang Guoxing's Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology I PDF

By Hun Guo, Zuo Dunwen, Tang Guoxing

ISBN-10: 0878492259

ISBN-13: 9780878492251

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The current cj , σj , Pl are output as the optimal solution. The structure of the PID controller is presented in the following form: δ (t ) = [ KI e (t ) − K 1 − z −1 P ( ) + 1 − z −1 K D ]ψ (t ) (8) Where ψ(t) and δ(t) represent the system output (course angle) and the system input (rudder angle) respectively. e(t)=ψr(t)-ψr(t). ψr(t) represents the given input value, KP represents the proportionality factor, KI represents the integrating factor and KD represents the differential factor. The performance index function is introduced as follows: N N 2 2 j = E ∑ [ψ (t + j − 1) − ψ r (t )] + ∑ λ j [∆δ (t + j − 1)]  j =1  j =1  (9) Where N represents the predictive time domain and λj represents the weighting performance index.

In the bottom of the collet seat is the collet. The collet is a majority column(red part in the picture). In order to make it rotate more easily, we make a slot at the given part of the collet seat and which can add lube into it. The significance of the collet is its reconfiguration. When clamping the worpieces with the plat surface, the plat surface of the majority column is turned out, and when clamping the worpieces with the cylindrical surface, the cylindrical surface of the majority column is turned out too.

1)Fuzzy prediction model. L fuzzy rules. l fuzzy rule is written as the following form: l l l R l :IF x1 (t) is A1 , x 2 (t) is A2 …, x n + m (t )is An+ m , THEN ∧ ψ (t+1) =ψ l (3) Where Ail represents fuzzy subset, x1 (t) … x n + m (t) represent linguistic variables, ψ l represents real value and l=1, 2…L. For Ail the following Gaussian function is selected: µ A ( xi )=exp[-( xi − c σ )2] (4) Where c and σ represent the center and the width of the Gaussian function respectively. 6: z l (t + j + 1) = ∏ exp −  i   σ   i =1   (2) Parameters optimization.

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