Al-Māturīdī und die Sunnitische Theologie in Samarkand - download pdf or read online

By Ulrich Rudolph

ISBN-10: 9004100237

ISBN-13: 9789004100237

Al-Māturīdī (d. 944 CE), the renowned ḥanafī student from Samarqand, succeeded in formulating a theological doctrine that is broadly approved in Sunnī Islam to at the present time. the current quantity examines his teachings through describing their relevant features and situating them within the background of kalām.
The first half investigates the improvement of ḥanafī notion in Transoxania ahead of Māturīdī's time. the second one half offers with the opposite spiritual teams (in specific the Mu‘tazilites) which emerged during this quarter in the course of his lifetime. half 3 indicates how he defined and defended the location of his lecturers. In doing so, he reformed their conventional perspectives, thereby constructing his personal theology which then turned the foundation of a brand new culture, viz. the Māturīdite university.

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It expects an eschatological confrontation between the spirits of good and evil, followed by an eschatological purifying and renewal of the earth. The righteous are ruled by the 'Prince of Light', while the wicked follow the 'Angel of Darkness'. The righteous will inherit all the glory of Adam, the wicked will experience punishment and, ultimately, destruction. The last part of the discourse makes it clear that every man has a portion of both spirits, who fight their battle in the heart of man (the balance between the spirits will vary from one man to another).

And establish His will [over all evil. He made known to Noah what was ]to come, period upon period,] set time upon set time. ), kingdom] upon kingdom, provifnce upon province, man upon man ... ] according to the needs of their host [and the judgement upon all, to ... ) will tremble,] the water and the depths will fear, all the spirit of flesh will be stripped naked and the sons of heave [n will rejoice on the day] of its [judlgement. ) that] it is a [crleature of flesh. (4Q416 1 1-6, 10-16, underlined 4Q418 73, 201, 213, 212, 286, 1, 2) This passage envisages the universal judgement both on sinners on earth and cosmic powers antagonistic to God.

See further Nickelsburg, "Wisdom and Apocalypticism," 720. 22 S. D. H. Merrill, Qumran and Predestination. J. Brill, 1975). 23 See Collins, Apocalypticism in the Dead Sea Scrolls. 20 ELGVIN Most of these books were held in high esteem in the Qumran commune; cf. the high number of copies found in the caves: seven copies of Enochic books (apart from the Book of Giants), seven copies of Instruction, six copies of Daniel,24 and three or four copies of Mysteries. At the same time, among the non-sectarian works the Yahad-aS\\\ated library at Qumran preserved a number of clearly sapiential (and less apocalyptic) books, as well as apocalyptic books with few sapiential elements.

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