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By Marie-Louise von Franz

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Depression and Conscious Conflict. Two paintings by woman in analysis (1976). Daryl Sharp Coll. 209 63. The Nigredo as Ethiopian. Trismosin, "Splendor solis," MS Harley 3469 (1582). British Museum. 211 Page 11 64. The Wisdom of God as World Soul. -T. de Bry, from Fludd, Utriusque cosmi (1617), pp. 4-5. 213 65. Assumption of Virgin Mary. Speculum Trinitatis, from Reusner, Pandora (1588), p. 253. G. Jung Coll. 215 66. Immersion in the Bath. Rosarium philosophorum (1550). G. Jung Coll. 221 67. Alchemist Meditating in Nigredo.

What is the difference when one man experiences light, or the fire ball, while to the other the superhuman wise man appears? Answer: The former would represent the abstract meaning. Dr. von Franz: Yes, one is more abstract abstrahere but it is abstractus from what? Remark: It would be further from the human. Dr. von Franz: Yes, per definitionem, but how would you reply to the analysand who asked you such a question? We can never give an absolute answer, but we can say something about it. I would take it quite simply and ask the patient, and would try to lead him on.

The alchemist does not know the value of the metal, but gives the man some money at a guess. He then puts what has been brought him in his stove and mixes it with sulphur, or something similar, to see what happens, and if the metal was lead, he would be badly poisoned by the vapours. He concludes, therefore, that this particular matter makes one feel sick if approached, and nearly kills you, and therefore he says that there is a demon in lead! Afterwards, when he writes his recipes, he adds a footnote saying: ''Beware of lead, for in it is a demon which will kill people and make them mad," which Page 22 would be quite an obvious and reasonable explanation for someone of that time and level.

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