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By Henry E. Dudeney

The legion of H. E. Dudeney lovers wishes no creation to the 1st American edition of this eternally exciting and instructive quantity of mathematical amusements. New readers will be extremely joyful with the 430 puzzles, difficulties, paradoxes, and brain-teasers offered by means of a grasp of mathematical ingenuity.
Virtually each kind of mathematical or logical poser is integrated during this amazing assortment — difficulties about the manipulation of numbers; unicursal and path difficulties; relocating counter puzzles; locomotion and pace difficulties; measuring, weighing, and packing difficulties; clock puzzles; blend and crew difficulties. Greek move puzzles, difficulties related to the dissection or superimposition of airplane figures, issues and features difficulties, joiner's difficulties, and crossing river difficulties critically try the geometrical and topological mind's eye. Chessboard difficulties, related to the dissection of the board or the situation or stream of items, age and kinship problems, algebraical and numerical difficulties, magic squares and strips, mazes, puzzle video games, and difficulties pertaining to video games offers you an unparalled chance to workout your logical, in addition to your mathematical agility.
Each challenge is gifted with Dudeney's  specified urbane wit and sense of paradox, and every is supplied with a clearly-written resolution — and sometimes with an fun and instructive dialogue of ways others attempted to assault it and failed. lots of the difficulties are unique creations — yet Dudeney has additionally integrated many age-old puzzlers for which he has stumbled on new, excellent, and customarily less complicated, solutions.
"Not in basic terms an leisure yet a revelation … "— THE SPECTATOR.
"The most sensible miscellaneous choice of the sort …"— NATURE.

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