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P. C. P. "Jelly Strength" test for gelatin. Some thickeners, such as agar, methylcellulose and psyIlium, are used as "bulk" laxatives, either for treatment of constipation or following colostomy. Others, such as acacia and gelatin, have been administered intravenously to increase blood volume in treatment of shock but the use of acacia in this way has been abandoned due to risk of liver damage, and even gelatin can only be injected if of a high degree of purity and pyrogen-free. Binding agents have adhesive properties which are useful in the preparation of pills, lozenges and tablets.

P. 1932. Prepared Suet was purified mutton-fat and Benzoated Suet was made from it in the same way as Benzoated Lard. P. was Mercury Ointment. C. 1949. P. ) is a pale brown solid, which can be bleached white either chemically or by exposure to air and sunlight. Both forms are used in pharmacy, the white being preferred for preparations which contain no coloured 44 AN INTRODUCTION TO PHARMACEUTICAL FORMULATION ingredients. Beeswax is of remarkably constant composition, containing about 1 part of free acid (cerotic) to 3 J parts of ester (myricyl palmitate) and this is used a$ a criterion of purity (the Ratio Number).

G. methyl salicylate. P. P. Wool Alcohols comprises the free alcohol, or sterol, fraction of wool fat which represents about 50 per cent of the total unsaponifiable matter. P. m i n i m u m 30 per cent), the remainder consisting of lanosterol (about 25 per cent) and various other sterols and alcohols. Wool Alcohols has a much higher melting point than Wool Fat and is more waxy in appearance. P. P. P. Oily Cream (Hydrous Ointment) is the basis for Salicylic Acid and Sulphur O i n t m e n t B . P .

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