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By E. James Squires

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As better emphasis is positioned not just on potency and yield, but in addition health and wellbeing and welfare, in animal construction, wisdom of the effect of hormones in animal progress and improvement is key. in addition to giving a radical grounding within the topic, this textbook explains the innovations and results of hormone manipulation and applies it to bird, fish, horses, livestock, pigs and sheep.

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For more information, see the texts by Stryer (1995) and Nelson and Cox (2000). 27 pituitary is nervous tissue that develops as an outgrowth of the diencephalon. It receives hormones that are made in the magnocellular neurones in the hypothalamus and are transported along the axons to the posterior pituitary. The anterior pituitary is glandular tissue, and is subdivided into pars distalis and pars intermedia. It is the ‘master gland’, which produces a number of trophic releasing hormones that stimulate hormone release by target tissues (Fig.

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Sham-operated animals, in which the surgery is performed up to the point that the organ would be removed but the animal is left intact, act as controls (Fig. 2). Organs can be removed surgically; for example, adrenalectomy or removal of the adrenals, which would result in lowered plasma adrenal steroids and lower plasma sodium, along with other effects. In the case of paired organs, such as the adrenals and gonads, removal of one organ causes the other to increase in size to compensate for the lost capacity.

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