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By Max Dimont

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Hutchinson, London, 1965. 20 Max I. Dimont—Appointment in Jerusalem [e-reads] deceiving him into believing that it had been due to his own divine powers. With his smiling skepticism, Renan had demolished the structure of pure faith, and nothing could save him now from the fury of the Church. “With friends like this, who needs enemies,” the Church might well have thought as it banned the book. Continuing on the path blazed by Reimarus and his fellow travelers was William Wrede, professor of philosophy at the University of Breslau.

For 1700 years, the concept of Jesus as the son of God was the only one taught in all Christendom. The penalty for entertaining any other view was usually painful death. Not until the eighteenth century, with the Age of Rationalism, did men dare to question this version. A new theological discipline was born, that of higher biblical criticism, a historical examination of the Old and New Testaments. The moment scholars dared to examine Gospel events critically, the evangelists’ accounts began to shatter, as new facts placed old assumptions in jeopardy.

Both views can’t be right. One is wrong. Which Gospel should one believe? cynical scholars ask. In the heat of this scholarly skepticism, the theological solder, which for eighteen centuries had held the Gospel structure together, melted, and the edifice collapsed. The Gospel accounts of the arrest and two trials of Jesus fared especially badly under the impact of the cross-examination. They are so full of discrepancies and inaccuracies that scholars no longer take them seriously as historical accounts but view them rather as frail memory enriched with faith.

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