Approximation Algorithms and Semidefinite Programming by Bernd Gärtner PDF

By Bernd Gärtner

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Semidefinite courses represent one of many greatest sessions of optimization difficulties that may be solved with average potency - either in idea and perform. They play a key function in a number of study components, comparable to combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithms, computational complexity, graph conception, geometry, actual algebraic geometry and quantum computing. This publication is an advent to chose features of semidefinite programming and its use in approximation algorithms. It covers the fundamentals but in addition an important volume of contemporary and extra complex fabric.

There are many computational difficulties, similar to MAXCUT, for which one can't quite anticipate to acquire an actual answer successfully, and in such case, one has to accept approximate recommendations. For MAXCUT and its family, interesting contemporary effects recommend that semidefinite programming is definitely one of the final software. certainly, assuming the original video games Conjecture, a believable yet as but unproven speculation, it was once proven that for those difficulties, identified algorithms in response to semidefinite programming convey the absolute best approximation ratios between all polynomial-time algorithms.

This booklet follows the “semidefinite part” of those advancements, featuring a few of the major principles in the back of approximation algorithms in accordance with semidefinite programming. It develops the fundamental thought of semidefinite programming, offers one of many identified effective algorithms intimately, and describes the foundations of a few others. it is usually purposes, targeting approximation algorithms.

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U5 in S 2 (we can add two zero coordinates to lift them into S 4 ). Imagine an umbrella with unit handle c = (0, 0, 1) and five unit ribs of the form ui = 2πi (cos 2πi 5 , sin 5 , z) , 2πi (cos 5 , sin 2πi 5 , z) i = 1, . . , 5. If z = 0, the umbrella is completely “flat,” as in Fig. 3 left (this is a top view where c collapses to the origin). Letting z grow to ∞ corresponds to the process of folding up the umbrella. u2 u3 c u4 2π 5 u1 u5 Fig. 3 A five-rib umbrella: fully open and viewed from the top (left), and partially folded so that non-adjacent ribs are perpendicular (right) 36 3 Shannon Capacity and Lov´ asz Theta We keep folding the umbrella until the vectors u5 and u2 become orthogonal.

We can obtain a semidefinite program for it by more or less just rewriting the definition. 6 Two Semidefinite Programs for the Theta Function ϑ(U) = min max c =1 i∈V 37 1 , (cT ui )2 over all orthonormal representations U. By replacing ui with −ui if necessary, we may assume cT ui ≥ 0 for all i. But then 1 ϑ(G) = max U 1 ϑ(U) = max max min cT ui . U c =1 i∈V We introduce an additional variable t ∈ Rn+ representing the minimum, and then we get 1/ ϑ(G) as the value of the vector program maximize t subject to uTi uj = 0 for all {i, j} ∈ E cT ui ≥ t, i ∈ V ui = 1, i ∈ V c = 1.

This implies that Y˜ has one eigenvalue equal to 0 (otherwise, we could decrease all y˜ii and t˜) and it is therefore singular. Note that t˜ ≥ 1. 1(iii). Let s1 , . . , sn be the columns of S. Since Y˜ is singular, S is singular as well, and the si span a proper subspace of Rn . Consequently, there exists a unit vector c that is orthogonal to all the si . Next we define 1 ui := √ (c + si ), t˜ i = 1, . . , n, and we intend to show that U = {u1 , . . , un } is an orthonormal representation of G.

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