Aquatic Oligochaete Biology V: Proceedings of the 5th by Andreas Anlauf (auth.), T. B. Reynoldson, K. A. Coates PDF

By Andreas Anlauf (auth.), T. B. Reynoldson, K. A. Coates (eds.)

ISBN-10: 9401043639

ISBN-13: 9789401043632

ISBN-10: 9401108420

ISBN-13: 9789401108423

This publication includes 36 of the papers awarded on the conferences protecting the numerous points of oligochaete biology from ecological via evolutionary experiences, divided into the subsequent sections:

  1. Systematics and Evolution
  2. Taxonomy and Geographic Distribution
  3. Distribution, Abundance and Habitat kinds
  4. Ultrastructure
  5. Pollution stories
  6. Population Dynamics

the quantity highlights the one biggest contribution of Soviet oligochaete biology offered in English considering the fact that 1980. 9 of the 36 papers during this assortment are written by means of authors from the previous U.S.S.R.

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Abyssalis and B. discolor with subspecies. Discussion Together with the unusual species richness and high degree of endemism, the Baikalian fauna is defined by relative immiscibility of the two ecologically and historically different complexes of which it consists. The coastal-sor zone is inhabited by a palaearctic species complex widely distributed in Siberia while the open lake is inhabited mainly by the endemics composing the Baikalian complex (Wereschagin, 1935; Levanidova, 1948; Kozhov, 1962).

5 has thinner, slightly modified ventral setae close to the male pores (in X) (Fig. 12). Size: Setae are usually of similar size, although in T. claparedei, T. leruthi and T. moravicus the dorsal setae are smaller than ventral ones. In T. diversisetosus the anterior ventral setae are much larger than the posterior ventral setae but the anterior dorsal setae are much smaller than posterior dorsal setae (Rodriguez & Giani, 1986). Position: The anterior setae of segment II in T. diversisetosus are clearly shifted towards the lateral line.

J. Micros. 129: 147-153. , 1865. Ueber die Gattung Branchiobdella. Z. wiss. Zool. 15: 464-494. Ferraguti, M. & S. R. Gelder, 1991. The comparative ultrastructure of spermatozoa from five branchiobdellidans (Annelida: Clitellata). Can. J. Zool. 69: 1945-1956. Gelder, S. R. & R. O. Brinkhurst, 1990. An assessment of the phylogeny of the Branchiobdellida (Annelida: Clitellata) using PAUP. Can. J. Zool. 68: 1318-1326. Holt, P. , 1965. The systematic position of the Branchiobdellidae (Annelida: Clitellata).

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Aquatic Oligochaete Biology V: Proceedings of the 5th Oligochaete Symposium, held in Tallinn, Estonia, 1991 by Andreas Anlauf (auth.), T. B. Reynoldson, K. A. Coates (eds.)

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