John O. Hunwick, R. S. O'Fahey's Arabic Literature of Africa: The Writings of Western Sudanic PDF

By John O. Hunwick, R. S. O'Fahey

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The fourth quantity of Arabic Literature of Africa bargains with the scholarly and literary construction of authors from Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Niger, and Ghana, from earliest instances to the current day. The paintings is prepared either locally and chronologically, and writers are grouped inside of chapters in response to ethnic, scholarly, or non secular affiliations. A biography of every writer is given the place attainable, ahead of the checklist of his or her writings. for every writer is given an inventory of identified writings, with info of latest manuscript copies, released variants and translations. There are indexes of authors, titles, first strains of poetry, and a basic index, in addition to a bibliography of all works pointed out within the quantity. An preliminary evaluate and bankruptcy introductions supply an summary heritage of Islamic studying within the zone.

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See also his al-Nukat al-lawmifi, item no. 47 below. MSS: Rabat (KhH), 9016, alif 9616; Tamgrout, 2538, 2999(8). Publ. Fez, 1307/1889-90, (with items 2, 21, 23, and 68). 20. Imtfi al-asm√ bi-m qıla fı ijr√ alf÷ ruwt al-˛adith majr ’lsamfi Written before 1012/1603. MSS: Tamgrout, 2999(14). 21. Irshd al-wqif li-mafin ‘wa-khaßßaßat niyyat al-˛lif’. Completed 30 Jumd I 1014/13 October 1605. Abridgt. of his Tanbıh al-wqif. ) See Sadki, 15. MSS: Rabat (KhH), 9016, 9615; Salé, 386 (3); Tamgrout, 2538(14), 2999(2) (with title al-Nukat al-lawmifi).

On his release he was compelled to remain in Marrakesh, and took up residence close to the Jmifi al-shuraffi (later renamed Jmifi al-mawwsın). According to Nashr, 275, his house was in Darb fiUbayd Allh, but this street has since been renamed Darb al-˛ammm (see Mu†ıfi (1987), 47). Despite a speech defect, he taught in the Jmifi al-shuraf√ for many years, and acquired widespread fame both for his teaching and for the fatwas he gave. He was offered appointment as a muftı, but refused. His students in Marrakesh included Ibn al-Q∂ı, the muftı of Meknès (d.

23. Jalb al-nifima wa-daffi al-niqma bi-mujnabat al-wult al-÷alama (var. bi-mujnabat al-÷alama wa-ulı/dhawı ’l-÷ulm) Completed 2 Dhü’l-˘ijja 997/12 October 1589. Analysis in Zouber (1979), 156-62. MSS: Ibadan (UL), 368; Rabat (AF), fiayn379; Rabat (KhA), D517, ff. 198-221, D2743, ff. 328-78, D3456, J123(2), K383, ff. 218-76, Photo 1902; Rabat (KhH), 3731, 5534; Tamgrout, 3208(10); Timbuktu (CEDRAB), 775. See also Salé, 124(24), 223/ 13, described as R. fı ’lta˛dhır min qurb al-÷alama wa-muß˛abatihim.

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