Download e-book for iPad: Asian Paleoanthropology: From Africa to China and Beyond by Christopher J. Norton, David R. Braun

By Christopher J. Norton, David R. Braun

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This quantity brings jointly a bunch of authors that handle the query of the 1st out of Africa into Asia c. 2 Ma. The scope of the publication is finished because it covers virtually each significant quarter of Asia. the first target of this quantity is to supply an up to date synthesis of the present country of the Asian paleoanthropological and paleoenvironmental documents. Papers comprise unique reports of the theoretical constructs underlying the stream out of Africa, together with particular reconstructions of the paleoenvironment and attainable migration routes. different papers aspect the Plio-Pleistocene archaeological and hominin fossil files of specific regions.

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8 Ma. 6d). At present, it is simply not possible to provide accurate dates of when hominins were last absent across South, and particularly Southwest Asia. Therefore, the absence of hominins in most of Asia during the Late Pliocene and Early Pleistocene cannot be demonstrated. Put more provocatively, we have no clear indication at present as to when hominins first appeared in Asia. g. Dennell (2001). 15 Gardner and Bate (1937) also recognised Testudo (two types), Hippopotamus and Stegodon, but the last two of these were not confirmed by Hooijer (1958).

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Astronomically tuned Plio-Pleistocene benthic ∂180 record from the South China Sea and Atlantic-Pacific comparison. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 203, 1015–1029. Turner, A. (1999). Assessing earliest human settlement of Eurasia: Late Pliocene dispersions from Africa. Antiquity, 73, 563–570. , & Ohman, J. C. (2002). K: Problems of river finds. Journal of Archaeological Science, 29, 423–433. van den Bergh, G. , & Sondaar, P. Y. (2001). The Late Quaternary palaeogeography of mammal evolution in the Indonesian Archipelago.

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