Download e-book for kindle: Baculovirus and Insect Cell Expression Protocols by David W. Murhammer (auth.), David W. Murhammer (eds.)

By David W. Murhammer (auth.), David W. Murhammer (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1588295370

ISBN-13: 9781588295378

Baculovirus Expression Protocols is an in depth advisor for utilizing the baculovirus expression vector method (BEVS) and/or insect cells to supply recombinant proteins. systems for the advance and creation of baculovirus pesticides at either laboratory and big scale are defined within the type of step by step structure that the equipment in Molecular Biology™ sequence helped standardize. This booklet is a one-stop resource for info on baculoviruses, and comprises sections on utilizing changed baculoviruses to specific genes in mammalian cells, utilizing Drosophila mobilephone traces, keeping apart new mobilephone strains, and constructing serum-free medium. particular purposes, together with utilizing baculovirus and bug mobilephone method to review apoptosis, also are mentioned. This up-to-date and increased variation of Baculovirus Expression Protocols presents an ideal lab guide for biochemists, molecular biologists, biochemical engineers, and others for utilizing the BEVS or insect mobile traces to supply recombinant proteins.

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