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It is possible to make strategy adjustments based on the precise number of decks shuffled together, but doing so is an intellectual exercise only and does not result in significantly increased win rates. For precision in playing single-deck blackjack, see pages 173178 of Peter Griffin's The Theory of Blackjack. 3% better off playing against one deck than against two decks. 2% worse than playing against two decks. Playing against more than four decks is worse yet, but by only a small amount. Blackjack with one deck, dealer stands on soft seventeen, double any first two cards and not after splitting, is an even game - zero edge for the casino.

The probability of receiving an untied natural is shown in table 5. 29%. 44% at single deck. 43%. The Jeny's Nugget promotion was a fun game, and it lasted Sunday through Thursday for the whole month ofJune! A·J Suited The Frontier's 1990 bonus is slightly more difficult to figure out because it also applied to tied naturals. One way to handle it is treat it as two separate bonuses and then add the values together. Extra pay on A-J suited means extra pay on four naturals because there are four suits.

Doubling Eleven on Three or More Cards In 1990 the Gold Club in Sparks allowed doubling down on any first two cards, and also on any total of eleven on more than two cards. 16% from being able to double down on eleven in three or more cards, compared to not being able to double down on three or more cards. Doubling For More With Match-Play Chips Several travel agencies sell casino-vacation packages ofroom, airfare, and match-play chips. Here is an. 63 DOUBLING DOWN Table 10 Doubling a Match-Play Chip Player's 3 Hand 2 soft 21 soft 20 soft 19 soft 18 dbs dbs db soft 17 h h soft 16 h h soft 15 h h soft 14 h h soft 13 h 11 db db db 10 db db db 9 h h 8 h h 7 h h 6 h h 5 4 dbs db db db h h db db db h h h h 5 Dealer's Upcard 6 7 8 dbs dbs dbs dbs db db db db db db db db db db db db db db db db h h h h h h h h h h h h h db db h h h h h h h h h h db db h h h h h 9 10 A h h h h h h db db h h h h h h h h h h h db h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h KEY: Stand.

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