Bioelectronics. A Study in Cellular Regulations, Defense, by Albert Szent-Györgyi PDF

By Albert Szent-Györgyi

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The donor ability is favored by the "soft" nature, the deformability of this atom (Niedzielski, Drago, and Middaugh). Taking everything together, we can say that there is, in the cell, an ample source of transferable electrons. To this we have to add the electrons activated in metabohsm, since most metabolites are oxidized by means of H-activation. H-activation, essentially, is an activation of electrons and a transfer of the activated electrons accom­ panied by a proton. The wealth of tissue in active electrons is demonstrated also by the ready reduction of methylene blue, which demands electrons of high potential.

It may symbolize a resting cell. It could be dropped without going to pieces. If, however, one piece is removed, the whole system col­ lapses and eventually forms a loose heap of particles, as shown in Fig. 27, which may svmbolize a cell in an ameboid 58 PHYSICAL STATE AND CELL DIVISION motion. The strength of the whole intact structure of Fig. 26 is not reflected in the forces between any two particles. The whole phenomenon is cooperative. " If it lets loose on one point the perturbation will spread spontaneouslv till the whole system opens up.

Electron transfer can take place not only between differ­ ent molecules but also between the different parts of the same molecule. Also, one and the same molecule can act, alternately, or simultaneously, as donor and acceptor, con­ taining both an occupied orbital of relatively high energy and a relatively low-lying empty orbital. As emphasized by Mulliken acceptor and donor do not denote two different types of molecules, only different modes of action, though a high-filled or low-empty orbital may dominate the reactions of a molecule making it into a good donor or acceptor.

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