New PDF release: Biology of the Integument: 2 Vertebrates

By A. Gedeon Matoltsy, Jürgen Bereiter-Hahn (auth.), Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bereiter-Hahn, Prof. Dr. A. Gedeon Matoltsy, Dr. K. Sylvia Richards (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3662009897

ISBN-13: 9783662009895

ISBN-10: 3662009919

ISBN-13: 9783662009918

The integument performs a tremendous function within the survival of meta­ zoans by way of keeping apart and conserving them from a opposed environ­ ment. Its functionality levels from safeguard opposed to damage and in­ fection, participation within the rules of physique temperature and water stability, to respiration task, tracking of the environ­ ment and construction of signs regarding behaviour. these types of end result from particular structural, biochemical and physiological homes of intra-and extracellular elements of the integu­ ment. hence its characterization might be most sensible entire by means of a multidisciplinary procedure with authors really good in several fields of technological know-how. This multi-author e-book, in volumes, presents an up-to­ date survey of the literature. the 1st quantity offers with the integument of invertebrates, the second one with that of vertebrates, either geared up totally on a phylum foundation. because the point of information at the integument of phyla differs significantly, the knowledge supplied is correspondingly both restricted or con­ densed. For many of the smaller teams of invertebrates little info is out there, as frequently just a couple of electron micrographs are to be present in the literature ; nevertheless, from the big physique of information current for vertebrates, fairly for mammals, no entire assessment may be supplied, yet publica­ tions giving entry to extra details were reviewed critically.

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6). The material of the thread, called mitin by Ferry (1941), has three components of molecular weight 63,500, resembling the polypeptides of mammalian epidermal keratins in the proportions of some amino acids (Spitzer et al. 1984). 7 MuIticellular Glands Venom glands are not ducted, but are assemblages of holocrine cells (Sect. 7) derived from and usually retaining a connection with the epidermis, associated with spines so as to act as defensive organs. Swollen venom cells are interspersed with smaller cells which may provide replacements when the venom cells are discharged (Cameron and Endean 1973).

Lm. (Micrograph courtesy of Dr. B. Lane) M. Whitear 22 but are found also in the catfish genus Corydoras (Bhatti 1938). In gadids the sacciform cells are enormous and swollen (Fig. 8); they open to the surface in benthic forms but in pelagic species appear normally not to open (Bullock 1980). Salmonid skin usually does not contain sacciform cells but in some circumstances cells with a mass of proteinaceous secretion are found (pickering and Macey 1977); these (Fig. 24) are distinct from serous go biet cells and the fine structure shows they are ofthe sacciform type (picke ring personal communication; Yokoya and Ebina 1980).

Among the teleosts they are characteristic of the Acanthopterygii and Paracanthopterygii

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