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Some families, for example the Dasycladaceae and Corallinaceae, can be subdivided into many genera and species because of distinctive and variable structures. On the other hand, identifying autonomous members of the skeletal blue-green algae is difficult due to simple, nondescript morphologies. The relative abundance and diversity of any particular group varies with age and environment. Chapter 3 CALCAREOUS BLUE-GREEN ALGAE (CYANOPHYTA) Both nonskeletal and skeletal blue-green algae have been active in the deposition of carbonate sediments.

28 Aside from paleontological considerations of fossil preservation, large accumulations of skeletal calcareous algae can be potential sources of soluble carbonate materials involved in cementation and other diagenetic processes. CLASSIFICATION Nowhere in paleontology is taxonomy and classification more of a problem than among calcareous algae. At once we are dealing with: • Forms that can be classified according to biological schemes based on physiology and morphology. • Forms presumed to be algae, but which lack living descendants or morphological counterparts.

Gymnocodiaceans are believed to be the remains of erect, branched plants similar to the living marine red alga Galaxaura, belonging to the family Chaetangiaceae (order Nemalionales). Only two genera, Gymnocodium and Permocalculus, are assigned to the Gymnocodiaceae, and each is known only from perforate, calcareous segments and fragments (Figs. 35, 36). Preserved thalli are elongate cylinders, often showing alternate pinching and swelling. The two genera are similar to each other, but Permocalculus is distinguished by smaller and more numerous pores.

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