New PDF release: Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: The Pyrimidines, Volume

By Desmond J. Brown

ISBN-10: 0470186755

ISBN-13: 9780470186756

ISBN-10: 0470381159

ISBN-13: 9780470381151

Content material:
Chapter I advent to the Pyrimidines (pages 1–30):
Chapter II The important artificial strategy (pages 31–81):
Chapter III different tools of basic Synthesis (pages 82–115):
Chapter IV Pyrimidine and its C?Alkyl and C?Aryl Derivatives (pages 116–137):
Chapter V Nitro?, Nitroso?, and Arylazo?Pyrimidines (pages 138–161):
Chapter VI Halogenopyrimidines (pages 162–226):
Chapter VII Hydroxy? and Alkoxy?Pyrimidines (pages 227–271):
Chapter VIII Sulphur?Containing Pyrimidines (pages 272–305):
Chapter IX The Aminopyrimidines (pages 306–355):
Chapter X The N,?Alkylated Pyrimidines and Pyrimidine?N,?Oxides (pages 356–388):
Chapter XI The Pyrimidine Carboxylic Acids and similar Derivatives (pages 389–429):
Chapter XII The decreased Pyrimidines (pages 430–463):
Chapter XIII The Ionization and Absorption Spectra of Pyrimidines (pages 464–500):

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M 'These and similar formulae could of course be written in alternative tautomeric forms.

D). Almost all 2-, 4-,and 6-chloropyrimidines are readily replaced by a methoxy group with the help of methanolic sodium methoxide. g. of the 4-chlorine of (XXX}) tures above the boiling point of methanol ever used. Other allcoxides and aryloxides behave similarly. Chapter I I4 The need for completely anhydrous alcohols for use in such reactions, is underlined by the formation of 2-ethoxy-4-hydroxy-5nitropyrimidine (and its isomer) to the extent permitted by the water content of the “absolute alcohol” used in preparing 2,4-diethoxy-5nitropyrimidine from its dichloro analogue.

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