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By Wu L.A., Allis C.D.

DNA within the nucleus of plant and animal cells is kept within the kind of chromatin. Chromatin and the Chromatin remodelling enzymes play a massive position in gene transcription.

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L. White, R. K. Suto, and K. Luger, EMBO J. 20, 5207 (2001). 10 J. Wittmeyer and T. Formosa, Methods Enzymol. 262, 415 (1995). 32 biochemistry of histones, nucleosomes, and chromatin [2] Madison, WI). Histidine-tagged histones are also purified in the same way. In some cases, codon usage has been optimized for Escherichia coli, and the time after induction as well as the bacterial strain have been optimized for each case. In some cases, better results are obtained with BL21(DE3) strains that compensate for poor codon usage.

Elution profile of histone subcomplexes from a Superdex S-200 gel-filtration column. See text for details. Histone octamer (solid line) elutes first, in accordance with its molecular weight (108,500). A small excess of H2A and H2B is apparent in the formation of a small dimer peak, which can be separated from the main peak by this method. In contrast, (H3–H4)2 tetramer (MW, 53,000) elutes close to the octamer peak (dashed line). Note the small shoulder indicative of some octamer-like assemblies formed by (H3–H4)2 tetramer.

T. Sewell, Methods Enzymol. 170, 431 (1989). 8 J. Ausio, F. Dong, and K. E. van Holde, J. Mol. Biol. 206, 451 (1989). 6 [3] preparation and crystallization of NCP 49 the beaker and the bag is partially closed. The bird will begin to breathe heavily and the eyes should close. Careful observation of the breathing is needed to avoid causing respiratory arrest and to maintain adequate anesthesia. When the bird fails to respond to stimuli, the feathers surrounding the neck are plucked to reveal the jugular vein beneath the skin.

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