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By J. T. Edwards

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This paintings comprises contributions from specialists within the box on such elements as course and station making plans, diaphragm partitions, tunnelling, and civil defence requisites

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In this way, safe routes for evacuation of passengers and staff can be Entrances and passenger facilities 43 created, and access provided for the professional firefighting personnel. The containment of a fire also delays its spread so that only the equipment in its immediate vicinity is damaged. The fire-resistance period of each compartment should be decided by considering the safety of passengers, staff and firefighters, the quantity of combustible material, and the importance of the plant and equipment.

When compared with the live load in the concourse and platform areas, the loads imposed by some of this equipment are quite onerous, and all designs must be checked to ensure that they are adequate to sustain the static and dynamic loads generated by the actual plant that is installed. Full details of the equipment will not normally be known when the structural designs are first being prepared, and notional loads must be adopted to determine the principal structural sizes. Electrical power equipment is the heaviest plant to be accommodated, and the following values are typical of the uniformly distributed and concentrated loads assumed in the initial design: 2 Distributed load : 20 kN/m Concentrated load: 20 kN on a square of 300 mm side.

1 Principal elements A typical underground station has three main elements: 1. The platform area; 2. The concourse containing ticket-issuing machines and access control; and 3. Offices and equipment rooms not open to the passengers. These are normally arranged in two levels with the platforms at the lower level and the concourse above. 2 Plan and sections of an island platform station constructed by the cut and cover method. The passenger concourse containing ticket machines and entry gates is located at the first level below ground.

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