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By Edward Harshman

ISBN-10: 0806999381

ISBN-13: 9780806999388

Lateral pondering puzzles begin with an ordinary situation-then they speedy turn into bizarre. Take Bob. He smashes the tail lamps of a stranger's vehicle. however the law enforcement officials arrest the car's proprietor, now not Bob. Why? Bob have been abducted and was once contained in the trunk whilst he broke the lighting. that is only a flavor of the unusual events and impossible to resist demanding situations you will come across right here!

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R. C. 300, silent, and are a nonreflective jet-black color. On each shoulder pad and on the chest plate of these suits, in silver, is the insignia of House Itomas. 33 gion, the Middle Kingdoms, in a successful civil war that would break apart the Empire. Unbeknownst to him, Emperor Itomas knows about his Uncle's plots against the house. C. per strike), but they are saving these for when they really need them. Otherwise, these guys aren't in the habit of caring about magic items that aren't weapons or armor.

As Regional Overlord, House Itomas has kept taxes from rising, maintained a fair to high standard of living, exhibited an uncommon sense of justice (uncommon for the Western Empire, that is), and most importantly, it has kept civil unrest to a minimum. Any signs of serious crime, cultism, or rebellion are crushed so swiftly that the crisis tends to end before anybody notices it had begun. Oddly enough, the people of West Kighfalton don't mind House Itomas's heavy-handed methods for keeping the peace, probably because the House only flexes its muscle when it really needs to.

Due to the ongoing project of building new, Bizantium-style corsairs, security is very tight, and there is usually a large number of military personnel on the premises. 42 n J s 8 S Q s aE 00 in •' •' 1 I 43 3 24. Auntie Edie's Brothel. A favorite among sailors. 25. Tavern & Restaurant. Drinking on one side of the place, eating on the other. Offers a large selection of drinks from fine Western brandy and rum to different ales and wines. 26. The Hungry Hole. S. E. P. Q. 17! All other stats average), an ex-adventurer who made a lot of money in his younger days.

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