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With its distinct medical viewpoint and evidence-based assurance, scientific Anatomy of the backbone, Spinal wire, and ANS is the definitive reference for utilising anatomic concerns to the evaluate and administration of stipulations of the backbone and linked neural constructions, together with spinal impingement and subluxation. fine quality colour illustrations and pictures, in addition to considerable radiographs, CT, and MRI photos, visually exhibit particular anatomic and neuromusculoskeletal relationships and spotlight constructions that could be stricken by handbook and surgical spinal ideas or different diagnostic and healing systems.

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More compact, stronger bone is found in regions with more motion. Therefore the pedicles of the middle cervical and upper lumbar regions contain more compact bone than the relatively immobile thoracic region. , 1988). There are significant differences in the relative size of various parts of vertebrae among various ethnic populations, with those from Western populations generally having larger structures than those from Asia. , 2003). Laminae. The laminae (singular, lamina) are continuous with the pedicles.

Transverse Processes. The transverse processes project laterally from the junction of the pedicle and lamina (pediculolaminar junction) (see Fig. 2-3). Like the spinous processes, their exact direction varies considerably from one region of the spine to the next. The transverse processes of typical cervical vertebrae project obliquely anteriorly between the sagittal and coronal planes and are located anterior to the articular processes and lateral to the pedicles. The left and right cervical transverse processes are separated from those of the vertebrae above and below by successive intervertebral foramina.

The vertebral bodies and articular processes also help the latter role. The mechanical efficiency of the healthy disc appears to improve with use (Humzah & Soames, 1988). The discs usually are named by using the two vertebrae that surround the disc, for example, the C4-5 disc or the T7-8 disc. A disc also may be named by referring to the vertebra directly above it. For example, the C6 disc is the IVD directly below C6. This can be remembered more easily if the vertebra is pictured as “sitting” on its disc (W.

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