Clinical Neuroanatomy Made Ridiculously Simple by Stephen Goldberg PDF

By Stephen Goldberg

ISBN-10: 0940780925

ISBN-13: 9780940780927

This now-classic textual content (over 400,000 copies bought) provides the main appropriate issues in scientific neuroanatomy with mnemonics, humor and case shows. For neuroanatomy classes and Board overview. comprises hooked up CD-ROM on Neurologic Localization with: 3D lively rotations of the mind. Neuroanatomy laboratory educational with photos of mind specimens. Clicking on any zone of the anxious process unearths the identify of the constitution and the results of an harm to that zone, with factors. making a choice on a symptom graphically exhibits all components of the worried approach that, whilst injured, may perhaps bring about the symptom. instructional on the right way to localize neurologic accidents; Interactive quiz of vintage neurologic situations; Windows/Macintosh CD + booklet.

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34). -LEFT RIGHT Q Q: PARIETAL LOBE OPTIC RADIATION tmuperior retlrml TEMPORAL LOBE OPTIC RAMATION (Inldria rltina! Fig. 34 The vrsual pathways as seen From above the brain. Letters A-F refer te visual field defects followrng lesions in the corrssponding brain areas. Circles ~ndicatewhat the lefi end right eyes see (the left and right visual fields), Black areas represen1 visual field defects. A. g.. end-stage glaucoma). When consrrictcd f~eldsare bilateral, it sometimes signifies hys~eria. B. g..

Episodes of hyperpyrexia and vomiting, impairment of taste discrimination, relative insensitivity to pain, and emotional instability.

How to draw cross sections through the brain stern. A. Rostral midbrain. B. Caudal midbrain. C. Pons. D. Rostral medulla. E. Caudal medulla. A, nucleus ambiguus; ML, medial lemniscus: S. nucleus solitarius: SC. 4. CNs 3 and 4; 5, nucleus and tract CNS; 6, 7, 8, nuclei CNs 6. 7, 8: 10, dorral motor nucleus CNIO: 12, nucleus CN 12. Compare with Figure 25. Ag. 22 No wonder the Lord delegated the most insignificant of all the cranial nerve functions to this untrustworthy nerve, that of moving the superior oblique muscle.

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