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Dynamic shear modulus at small strains may be estimated from using Figure 18. Initial tangent static modulus is about l/5th of the dynamic modulus at small strains. 5 and Figure 19. 1 General In contrast to cohesionless soils, cohesive soils form a less important field of use for the CPT, because established alternative methods are available. In N C and lightly O C clays, parameters can be obtained from in-situ vane tests and laboratory tests on specimens from thin-walled stationary piston samplers.

2 ( Z ) r- 3 0 ) 60 0) Because Kq is a function of Z>r, it is necessary t o determine DTfrom Figure 13 a n d Equation (1) o n a trial and error basis. 45. In using quartz sands, where the in-situ horizontal stress ratio, KQ Figure 13, the probable compressibility of the sand should be taken into account, bearing in mind that compressibility is greater where the sand is uniform in grading, where the sand grains are angular, and where there is a n appreciable mica content. In a thin sand layer, an under estimate of Drmay be obtained, because the full cone resistance may not have developed.

M a n y calcareous soils are difficult to sample and sensitive to sample disturbance. Where cementation is present, it can be destroyed by drive sampling. Insitu testing is therefore particularly appropriate, but there is little experience of cone penetration testing in these materials. Although some authors found that relationships applying to more conventional materials can be adopted for certain calcareous soils, others have not. Beringen et al. (1982) investigated calcareous sands and silts in the Rankine field offshore from Western Australia, and they found a close correlation between cone resistance (reference tip) and cementation.

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