Contending Images of World Politics by Greg Fry, Jacinta O'Hagan PDF

By Greg Fry, Jacinta O'Hagan

ISBN-10: 0333913760

ISBN-13: 9780333913765

This significant new ebook presents a unique and engaging method of the examine of diplomacy. Taking as its start line a number of influential fresh views at the altering international order (from Samuel P. Huntington's "clash of civilizations" among the West, and the remaining to Francis Fukuyama's "end of background" thesis) the e-book brings jointly specially-commissioned chapters written in a hugely obtainable kind by way of a very foreign solid of individuals.

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37 38 Knowledge, Power and Inclusion The final section introduces more radical departures from conventional images of global politics. These chapters address images which are as much about providing new pictures of how we create knowledge about world < previous page page_15 next page > < previous page page_150 next page > Page 150 CHAPTERÂ 11 A 'World of Tribes'? Â Â In fact, post-Cold War world politics seems to have been 'engulfed in convulsive fits of ethnic insecurity, violence and genocide' (Lake and Rothchild, 1996, p.

These include, for instance, businesspeople, scholars, tourists and journalists. There have even been constructive and cooperative dimensions to relations between the West and Islam. Islam provided the foundations for the growth of mathematics, the sciences, architecture and agriculture in medieval Europe (Bozeman, 1960; Puchala, 1997; < previous page page_145 next page > < previous page page_146 next page > Page 146 34 35 Muzaffar, 1994). The impact of the interaction of different cultures and civilizations through such agencies as trade or the exchange of ideas may be gradual and occur over a long period of time, but they are surely as significant as bloody conflict.

As the material boundaries of civilizations become increasingly mingled in the contemporary world, Cox suggests that conceptualizing civilizations as analogous to territorial communities becomes less relevant. The concept of territorial 'fault lines', so prominent in the 'clash of civilizations' metaphor, becomes increasingly problematic. The 'clash of civilizations' perspective advocates the containment of these processes of intermingling through policies which encourage homogenization and enhanced cohesion.

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