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By Neil Widlak, Richard Hartel, Suresh Narine

ISBN-10: 1893997219

ISBN-13: 9781893997219

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107: 31 1 1 (1985). 23. , G. J. Roberts, and P. Bennema, Application of BravaisFriedel-Donnay-Harker, Attachment Energy and Ising Models to Understanding the Morphology of Molecular Crystals, J. Physics D Appl. Physics 24: 89 (1991). 24. D. Thesis, University of Strathclyde, 1997. 25. W. N. H. Teller, Equation of State Calculations by Fast Computing Machines, J. Chem. Phys. 21: 1087(1953). 26. J. Tildesley, Computer Simulations of Liquids, 1989, Oxford UK, Science Publications. 27. , and S. Lifson, Refinement of Protein Conformations Using a Macromolecular Energy Minimization Procedure, J.

Marangoni, The Effect of Minor Components on Milkfat Crystallization, J. Am. Oil Chem. SOC. 77: 463-475 (2000). Chapter 5 Tr iacyIgIycer ide CrystaIIizat ion in VegetabIe 0iIs: Application of Models, Measurements, and Limitations JorgeF. Toro-Vazquez, Elena Dibildox-Alvarado, Verdnica Herrera-Coronado, and Miriam A. Chard-Alonso Universidad Aut6norna de San Luis Potosi, Facultad de Ciencias Quirnicas-CIEP, Av. Dr. Manuel Nava 6, Zona Universitaria, San Luis Potosi 78210, Mexico Introduction The triacylglycerides (TAG) have several physical chemical properties that determine processing conditions of fats and oils and their functionality in food systems.

Both types of properties, largely depending on sample history, are generally determined from differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and X-ray diffraction examinations, respectively. However, even using the combination of these two techniques, phase and polymorph identifications are still difficult by the closeness of transition temperatures. , 1,3-dipalmitoy1 2-oleylglycerol shows melting and/or transition of at least five crystalline forms within a range of about 20'C (2). 01 and 10"C/minfrom the same sample (typ.

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